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Understand Your Employment Contracts

In most areas of the law, Kuderer & Tamblyn, Mercer Island Law Group, represents employees. However, we also offer consultancy services for employers. Business owners often need legal advice as they draft and revise contracts. Both business owners and employees need clarity and a clear knowledge of their rights when they sign contracts. Sometimes disputes arise that require attorney-assisted negotiations or litigation to resolve them.

Counsel On An Array Of Business And Employment Needs

With more than 90 years’ combined experience in employment law and a variety of issues of interest to business owners, our legal team offers trustworthy counsel on these and other employer and business-related matters:

Noncompete agreements: Employers request our help to draft such agreements. Newly hired employees ask us to explain contracts that they are asked to sign. Later, when employees are separating from a company or afterward, either party may need legal advice regarding parameters and enforcement of noncompete agreements signed at the time of employment.

Severance agreements: Executives and other high-level workers often insist on prearranged severance agreements at the time of hiring. Terms may include deferred compensation, full payment of commissions and bonuses, confirmed ownership of copyrights and other details. Disagreements near the time of separation may lead to disputes and litigation. Our law firm skillfully represents the interests of each client, employer or employee, at any point in the employment cycle.

Employment contract disputes: Our dispute resolution skills save many clients time and money as we work to resolve disputes efficiently and in their best interests. We support our clients’ desire to avoid unnecessary legal fees and costly delays.

General business law: Businesses look to us for reliable, up-to-date counsel on regulatory compliance, business formation and employment law matters, including benefits and more.

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