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Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship In Custody Cases

When the well-being of your child is the focal point of family conflict, getting the right advice is crucial. Any resulting court decisions will be binding. The outcome of your case could significantly affect your family’s future.

Whether you face a custody dispute or need a custody modification, our attorneys at Kuderer & Tamblyn can help. Families in the Seattle metro area trust our team to reach the results they need to move forward.

We Put You And Your Child First

Washington courts decide custody arrangements based on several factors, including each parent’s ability to attentively care for the child. It can be frustrating to have your abilities as a parent questioned.

Our attorneys are prepared to adamantly defend you and assert your rights as a parent. We can work to advocate for a fair child custody order regardless of any conflict between parents. Through skilled representation, we can help you keep your bond with your child at the core of your case.

Address Unique Issues With Confidence

Child custody disputes may involve special circumstances, such as:

  • Medical needs of a parent or child
  • Relocation or long-distance households
  • Domestic violence
  • Parental substance abuse
  • Financial considerations, which may also impact child support

Whether your case is part of a divorce case or stands on its own, we take the time to learn about your situation and concerns to develop a personalized strategy. Our extensive trial experience prepares us to create comprehensive arguments for your case.

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