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The most effective employment law attorneys are highly knowledgeable about laws, regulations and trends among employers and employees. They are well-prepared to defend your rights and hold your employers accountable. Employment law is a difficult topic as it touches a large part of our lives. It’s difficult to report the wrongdoings of our employers in fear of retaliation. Experiencing discrimination or wrongful termination a difficult situation to be in especially when you have invested so much of your time into the company.

Being treated unfairly is not right. You must speak up. Alerting your supervisor can alleviate the situation and bring clarity to the issues. Communication is at the center of all cases. Being able to have an open dialogue with your counselor, manager and legal team will usually improve the overall case. Sometimes, however, you have no choice but to take legal action such as filing a complaint with a government agency or filing a lawsuit with a court.

Yes, it is difficult to decide to take that next step. During this stressful time, do your best not to make any false accusations or regrettable decisions. We recommend sleeping on any decisions you plan to make. This will ensure they are correct decisions that have been carefully considered. Speaking with an employment law attorney will help you assess the strength of your case. A legal consultation will help you learn much more than you would by digging around online. If you have questions about an employment problem, please free to call the Kuderer & Tamblyn, Mercer Island Law Group, to speak with any of our attorneys.

Some Call Us ‘The Best Employment Law Firm In Seattle’

At Kuderer & Tamblyn, Mercer Island Law Group, we have protected hundreds of hard-working employees from abuse by corporations. We have settled cases against the largest employers in the Seattle area. We have defended thousands of employees from workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, whistleblower violations, employee contract disputes and more. Our full-fledged staff is standing by to address your issues.

Don’t let stress stop you from fighting for your rights. Washington’s legal system gives you the right to be treated fairly and heard. As a smaller firm, we emphasize developing personal relationships with our clients. We truly want the very best for you. We will give your case the personalized attention it deserves. Don’t fight this alone. Let’s work together to get your issue such as the following resolved in your favor:

About Employers’ Responsibilities

If you are having issues at work in Seattle, speak to an employment lawyer who will help you understand your rights. Washington employers must abide by local, state and federal laws governing employment. They must honor your employment contract and adhere to federal employment laws. Your human resource department can provide you the copies of your employment contract. Be sure to inquire about the company’s internal policies. This may shine a light on any previous background of misconduct.

We will not let companies continue to get away with exploiting their employees. Our team has published several articles on online forums, legal journals and magazines. We have localized knowledge of employment law in Pierce, King and Thurston counties. We are consistently researching and studying proposed amendments and changes to the laws. We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding new legislation in Washington state. Call now to speak with a licensed attorney. We emphasize transparency and open communication. Feel free to ask us any questions. We are here to help you pursue the right results.

A Long-Standing Employment Law Firm In King County, Washington

Finding the best employment law firm in King County, Washington, can be difficult. With so many options, there is not enough time to speak to all firms. Reading online reviews is a fast and efficient way to evaluate different attorneys. We are extremely proud of our perfect rating on, an online marketplace for legal services. Our 10.0 is the highest rating possible. We were recently awarded the “Top Attorney Lawsuits & Disputes” award as a result of our reviews.

We are proud to be involved with professional associations across the Seattle area and nationally, such as the King County Bar Association, the Washington Employment Lawyers Association and the National Employment Lawyers Association. Through yearly conferences, we refine our techniques, improve our strategies and share with our fellow legal professionals how to successfully defend employees’ rights. With more than 90 years of combined employment law experience, we understand what it takes to successfully defend your rights. We are respected among judges, peers and courtroom staff. We aim to be the best at what we do.

How And When To Hire An Employment Law Attorney

Hiring an employment attorney should be easy and simple. Unfortunately, it’s not. The legal system is always changing and at times highly complex. Navigating this mess can be disorienting, frustrating and confusing. Choosing the right legal team can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Speaking to a licensed professional should always be the first step toward resolving your issue.

While this may be the first time you’ve encountered the employment problem that you face, the Kuderer & Tamblyn, Mercer Island Law Group, has decades of experience defending people’s rights in the workplace. Ask to speak with some of our past clients to hear from their perspective about our methodical approaches, creative solutions and actionable results. Our history says a great deal about what we can do for you.

We are skilled at drafting and negotiating contract contracts and separation agreements as well as nondisclosure and noncompete agreements. All the work is prepared internally to best prepare you and your case for victory. To protect our clients’ confidentiality and the integrity of our work, we do not source our work to third parties. We aim to be the best at what we do. We are confident that we will successfully work through your case together in your best interests.

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