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Megan Maloney

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Seattle native Megan Maloney is a legal assistant and intake specialist at Kuderer & Tamblyn – Mercer Island Law Group. In the summer of 2019, Megan began working for the firm in an internship role and learning about the nuances of employment law. Then after successfully completing her senior year and graduating Gibson Ek High School in June 2020, Megan returned to the firm as a legal assistant. In addition to her role at the firm, Megan is a student at Bellevue College, working to obtain a 2-year transfer degree with a goal of transferring on to a university of her choice. Megan is an environmental enthusiast with a long-range goal to pursue her education in Sustainably Built Environments. Megan is currently in the process of studying for the LEED Green Associates exam, an accreditation given by the United States Green Building Council, which she is on track to obtain in July of 2021.

As a legal assistant and intake specialist, Megan routinely assists potential clients through the intake process by collecting information about potential claims, conducting conflict checks and collecting documents. Once the potential client file has been assembled, Megan forwards the information on to firm attorneys for review. Additionally, Megan routinely assists firm attorneys by calendaring court deadlines, reviewing and assembling discovery, coordinating depositions and conducting client interviews. When not in the office or studying for school, Megan can be found experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen, playing fetch with her dog Reggie or exploring the character of many small towns around Washington state.